Decluttering - A Seller's Guide to Home Selling

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Decluttering - A Seller's Guide to Home Selling 

Are you looking to Sell Your Home This Year?  If so, one of the Least Expensive Things You Can Do to Make Your Home Look Its Best, is to Declutter

As Realtors who have been Helping Sellers for over 20 years combined, we constantly see listings where the Agent did not Advise the Seller, OR maybe The Seller didn't respond to the Advice, of Decluttering their Home. 

I had a seller ask me once, "Don't You Like My Stuff?"  It was not a question whether I liked their stuff or not, the question is "Will the Buyer Be Able to See their Furnishings in this Home if there is "Stuff" Everywhere?"  

I Did Not get that listing And the Seller Did Not Declutter the Home.  The Home Sat There for Months in a Busy Market. She had to Reduce the Price 3 Times Before It Finally Sold!  

As a Seller, I suggest you Look Through Homes for Sale.  There are plenty of suggestions online showing Occupied Homes and Homes that are Vacant.  When a Home has Too Much Stuff, it is hard for a Buyer To Imagine How They Would Layout Their Furnishings to Make the Home Their Own.

Most of Us Do Not Realize How Much "Stuff" we have accumulated over the years, until it is Time to Move or Sell!  We want to make things as Easy as Possible for You, And, Get You The Most For Your Investment!  

Here is a Link to a List to Help You Get Started with the "Decluttering Process."

These are some Great Suggestions.  You don't have to do all of these, and the whole process may seem Overwhelming at First.  Just take it a piece at a time. 

If you Do Not Want to Part with Your Stuff, then Just Take Some Time to Pack it Away.  Get a Storage Unit or Place Items in Boxes in the Garage.  After All, the Goal is to Get Your House Sold, and Move On to Your Next Adventure, or Your Next Home!  If You Will Be Moving Anyway, Why Not Go Ahead and Get the Process Started.

It is Okay to Leave Some Items, but Keep In Mind, Less is More!

Lastly, One Thing We do When Trying to Decide What Stays and What Goes, Is To Take Pictures of the Rooms.  They Say "a Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words."  I Usually Do This When Helping Sellers Decide What to Leave

We are Happy to Help You with this Process.  It is a Process, and We are Working towards a Common Goal! Let Us Help You Reach It!

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